We Offer Storage! Boat & RV Storage and More During the Off Season

In the RVing life, RV and boat storage is like the strange relative at a holiday meal: it’s part of the package, and you know you’ve got to deal with it, but it can be a total pain and nobody really likes to talk about it. And you may even dread and put off dealing with what you’re going to do about it this year until it’s right up on you. Well, we can’t help with your strange relatives, but we can help with your boat and RV storage!

Winter RV Storage

Need a place to park your RV over the winter? Say no more! Holly Shores can provide you with a designated spot to park and store your RV from October through April for a fixed rate.

RV and Boat Storage

Let’s be honest: October will be here before you know it, so don’t want until the last few days of September to contact us about winter RV storage. Call us today and mark that off your list. Then get to planning the rest of the camping trips you’ll be taking until then!


Indoor & Outdoor Boat, RV, and Golf Cart Storage

If you aren’t planning on parking your RV for the full winter, but just need a month or two at a time, you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with A2 Storage LLC to accommodate your monthly needs for storing your boat, RV, and golf cart. Contact us today to learn more.


ATVs, Grills, and The Rest of the Gear

You’ve got your RV and golf cart in storage…what about the rest of your camping gear? You know, the bikes, kayaks, and ATVs? Maybe you have an outdoor grill that you use specifically for camping. Whatever your camping gear is, take advantage of our partner storage facility to keep your gear locked up, dry, safe, and secure.

RV and Boat Storage

It’ll save you room in the garage at home, and it’ll be ready for you at the start of next season – one, two, or five less things to pack up, tie down, and haul behind you! And when you return, it’ll all be ready for you to pick up where you left off!


If dealing with the off season RV storage – or storage of any of your camping gear for that matter – is a dreaded task, contact us today. We can help give you the peace of mind you want and need. And who knows? If your strange relative shows up during the holidays, maybe you’ll want to escape away for a day or two and find your RV! You’ll know exactly where to find it.

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