Tips to Make the Most of Your Fall Camping Trips

Summer is over and fall is here! Autumn is a gorgeous season for camping, but if you’ve stayed within the boundaries of summer to do most of your family’s traveling, you’ll want to prepare a bit differently for your fall camping trips. We’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind while packing for your fall camping trip so that it’s the most comfortable and fun experience possible.

Nighttime Camping Activities

Prepare for Unpredictable Weather

When you’re packing for your fall camping trip, remember that weather fluctuates more as the seasons change. Mornings and evenings can be crisp and chilly while the afternoons may feel warmer. Make sure to pack clothes as layers so you can be comfortable all day long. Things to bring and keep in mind:

  • Breathable fibers can help wick away moisture
  • Water-resistant materials can help you stay comfortable even in wet conditions
  • For base layer, pack thermal underwear
  • Flannel shirts make great middle layers
  • Pack fleece jackets or wool pull-overs for top layer
  • Don’t forget outerwear! Water- and wind-resistant jackets can keep the sting out of the elements.
  • Waterproof boots and a raincoat or poncho are a must
  • Wool, moisture-wicking socks. Pack extra – you won’t regret it! Check out these wool socks to get started.

Fall Camping Trips

Even if you don’t expect the temperatures to plummet, it’s a good idea to pack gloves or mittens and a couple of winter hats. Pro tip: pack an extra winter hat just for sleeping in.

Get the Right Sleeping Gear

You’ll need different sleeping gear depending on your camping style. If you stay in one of our RV campsites, you’ll probably have an RV furnace to keep you warm at night. And our rentals will provide a cozy haven too! But if you’re tent camping, you’ll want to make sure to have the following:

  • Three-season tent with a rain fly
  • Tarp to go under your tent
  • Sleeping bag that is designed for a steep drop in temperature
  • Mattress pad – believe it or not, you’ll stay warmer directly on the ground than if you’re on a raised cot that cold air can circulate under and through. Check out this closed-cell sleeping pad here.

Fall Camping Trips

Prepare for Camp Life

There’s nothing better than a campfire during your fall camping trip! It’s important to abide by campground policies on campfire hours as well as permissible firewood. At Holly Shores, our firewood/campfire policies include the following:

  • Do not cut down campground trees, branches, bushes, or other foliage for your campfire.
  • No outside firewood permitted (in accordance with NJ law). We have firewood available to purchase at the camp store.
  • Campfire hours are from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM.
  • Do not leave campfires unattended.

Check out our other campground policies here.

Fall Camping Trips

Other camp life preparations you’ll want to make include bringing:

  • Extra fuel for your camp stove so you can keep your chili or stew warm
  • Extra batteries for flashlights and headlamps since the days are shorter
  • Insulated mug or thermos for keeping your coffee hot in the morning, like this one. It’s also handy for packing along some hot and savory soup to take with you on a late afternoon hike.

Fall Camping Trips

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to continue enjoying camping trips even after the summer is over, and with the right preparation, your camping trips in the fall may just be your family’s favorite vacations. Why not see for yourself? Contact us today to make a reservation, and use our guide to get started on your packing!

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