Tips for Camping with Toddlers

There’s still time to enjoy some fall camping trips with your family – and with the right kind of planning, camping trips with toddlers can be lots of fun. Here are some great ideas and tips that can help you make the most of camping with toddlers!

Leaf Prints

Kids pick up and collect leaves – it’s just what they do!

Camping with Toddlers

Bring heavy cardstock, glue sticks, and markers and let Mother Nature provide the rest. Use the pretty (and even ugly!) leaves your tot finds and let them glue them into collages or pictures. Draw on faces or other details – it’ll be a fun memento to take home!

Camping Trip Scavenger Hunt

Kids are always learning and exploring, and nothing is more fun than a treasure hunt! Download a free printable like from this parenting blog or create your own with different things to find around the campground.

Camping with Toddlers
from confessionsofparenting .com

Make sure you keep the items easy and child-friendly and steer clear of anything that might be dangerous to touch.

Fun Size Necessities

No matter what you’re doing, little ones want to help or be involved. Make sure to bring along toddler-size versions of camp essentials – like this little bear camp chair:

Camping with Toddlers

Get yours here.


Your kiddo will also love having their own set of binoculars, like these:

Camping with Toddlers

You can find them here.


And don’t forget giving them their own flashlight, like this one!

Camping with Toddlers

Get it here.

Paint a Pumpkin

Kids of all ages love to paint! Grab some miniature gourds and pumpkins from the supermarket and bring along some finger paints. This is a great activity that easily keeps the little ones occupied. When you’re done, all you need for clean up is a wet wipe!

Camping with Toddlers

Remember that while toddlers have high levels of energy, their attention spans are also short, so keep your expectations reasonable and plan for them to lose interest in activities well before you do. You’ll also want to keep plenty of grab and go snacks on hand – there’s nothing like running outside to keep an already-fast metabolism running at high speed! And finally, carve out your day’s plans around naptimes and try to keep from disrupting that. A well-rested toddler is a happy one!

Our themed weekends make it easy for the whole family to enjoy camping, right down to the little-bittys. Our campground amenities include plenty of trails and also playground equipment, so you’ll always have something fun to do with the little ones. Contact us today to make a reservation!

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