The Top Benefits of Being Outdoors!

Lots of people make their New Year’s Resolution to get healthy in the coming year, but a gym membership and a diet are easy wagons to fall off of. Getting healthy is as easy as getting outside!

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Have you ever noticed how good you feel after being outside? There are lots of scientific benefits of being outdoors, which is one reason why taking regular camping trips with your family is such a great idea. It not only gives you quality time together, but believe it or not, it’s good for your health!

Benefits of Being Outdoors


Check out some of the great benefits of spending time outdoors – and the best part is, all of them are FREE. What are you waiting for? Book your reservation at Holly Shores and start enjoying the benefits of being outdoors right away!

Benefits of Being Outdoors

  • Boosts the immune system

Yep, it’s true! Trees give off airborne chemicals called phytoncides, which are loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Not only do those help the trees and plants fight disease, they’re good for humans, too!

Benefits of Being Outdoors

When we breath in those phytoncides, our bodies respond by increasing a certain kind of white blood cells – which boost your immune system.

  • Elevates mood and lowers stress

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Exercise already lowers stress hormones like cortisol, but getting your exercise outside is even better. Studies have suggested that packing in the outdoor activity can help lower depression, blood pressure, and stress while raising energy levels and improving your mood.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

A good dose of sunshine (make sure you pack sunscreen!) can meet your daily Vitamin D intake needs, which are essential in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder – or the winter blues.

  • The 3 C’s

Being outside boosts your creativity, curiosity, and connection! Our attention and focus is constantly being clamored for in a world of overstimulation. When you get outside, take a risk and turn your phone on silent (yep, absolutely silent! Not even on vibration mode!).

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Allow yourself to disconnect from the demands of every day life. Connect to your five senses while in nature. What do you hear, smell, see, taste, and touch? (Note: please just taste the trail mix you brought with you. Don’t eat anything you can’t identify!)

Speaking of identification, challenge yourself to observe and identify the elements in the world around you. Trees, wildlife, plants, insects – the world is yours for exploring. Stay curious. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Improves your sleep

Finally, a long day spent outside can drastically improve the quality of your sleep. Getting outside to move, take in fresh air, and enjoy sunshine is a better use of your energy than being sedentary or spending most of your day inside. You’ll be surprised how tired and ready for bed you are – and how well you’ll sleep!

Getting outside is such a simple addition you can make to everyday life, and especially if you’re intentional about it. If you’re not used to being outside and want to ease in gradually, or are looking to add to when you already are, consider making a reservation with us at Holly Shores Camping Resort. It’s the perfect family friendly campground that will give you plenty of opportunity to take in all the benefits of being outdoors! Contact us today!

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