The Campsite As A Classroom

From the depths of disappointment comes the possibility of new opportunity.

Yes the coming school year is certainly a challenge for all of us; especially parents with kids to educate.  If you find that you are going to have your children “home” bound this fall why not consider spending it camping at Holly Shores?

If you check out the internet comments on our park you will see many folks commenting on the excellent WIFI services we offer free to all of our guests.  The WIFI is located throughout the park and at every site.  We use the strongest signal available through our local supplier, Comcast.  This means your kids can do all their work on line with certainty.

The fall is the best time to come to Cape May County.  The weather is great with warm days and cool evenings and we have plenty to do here at Holly Shores.  Our pool is open until October.  We have a lovely Pavilion that offers optional heating if the fall nights get cool.  The Pavilion hosts an overhead projection system for showing movies, videos, and games.  A Jumping Pillow and new activities center for arts and crafts and ceramics.


We are situated on 38 wooded acres adjacent to the State of New Jersey Fishery Preserve; there you will find three lakes and lots of fauna and flora to enjoy.  The fall is migratory bird season with millions of ducks, geese, and birds heading to the warmer regions of the south.  The Audubon Society has a number of locations within minutes of the campground.  They offer hikes, bird watching and classes.


Another great activity is Geo caching.  We have caches all over the area.  So much fun for the whole family!! Check out the app called Geocaching to get started.

Take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay-just 4 miles from Holly Shores.  Go shell hunting and learn to identify their origins.  Seek out Horseshoe Crabs which are millions of years old.  If you find one upside down just gently turn it over and put it back in the water.  You will have saved a life.


Holly Shores is loaded with hard wood trees of many varieties.  The kids can pick up the leaves and identify them on the internet.  We also have opossums, skunks, raccoons, and even coyotes!!  Look for their paw prints; they are mostly nocturnal and hard to find!   The snakes here are mostly black snakes and garter snakes—absolutely non-poisonous!  Please do not harm a snake if you see one.  Call the office and we will gently move them to a safe location.  I would be happy to handle a snake for the kids to show their non-threatening nature.


Holly Shores is just across the street from a 15 mile bike bath that goes north to the Cape May County Zoo; a great outing for a day of continued learning here in Cape May.  Our zoo is nationally recognized as one of the best in the United States.  The zoo is free, but gladly will accept donations for the care of the animals.


Almost across the street is the Cape May County Airport.  It is home to the Cape May County Air Museum and a Vietnam Era museum; a great way to learn the history of World War II and the Vietnam War.


In the evening sit by the fire of your site and review all the cool things you and the kids learned that day in Cape May County and Holly Shores.

Camping Specials

Your “school” at Holly Shores sure beats the traditional classroom even if it is just for two months and the memories will last a lifetime.







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