Take a Look at Our Boat and RV Storage!

No storage space for your boat or RV at home? No problem! Store your boat, RV, or golf cart with Holly Shores! We have the space you need and the peace of mind you want, so let us handle storing your things safely and securely – and also more attractively than leaving them parked in your own front yard. Here are the boat and RV storage options we have to offer!

RV and Boat Storage

A2 Storage: Indoor/Outdoor

We partner with A2 Storage LLC to offer you indoor/outdoor storage for your RV, golf cart, or boat. Rates start at the following:

  • RVs: starting at $49 a month plus tax
  • Boats: starting at $39.95 a month plus tax
  • Golf carts: starting at $36 a month plus tax

We’re located nearby, too, on Route 47, so it’s close enough to be convenient. Questions? Want to reserve a space? Call A2 Storage LLC at (609) 886-8858.

A1 Storage: Indoor

RVs and boats come with a lot of gear that also need storage. Keep your belongings out of a messy garage and in a reliable, safe, and clean storage facility with A1 Easy Self Storage LLC. This facility is located on Railroad Ave and you can inquire about your options by calling (609) 886-8858. You can also visit their website at www.a1easyselfstorage.com

Seasonal Storage

It may be hard to think of winter storage at the beginning of August, but if you need a place to park your RV or trailer during the winter, we can help with that, too! Contact us to inquire about a designated winter parking spot as the camping season winds down. Don’t worry, we won’t rush you to finish up camping just to use it! Our winter storage begins in late October, so you can get in plenty of camping before then.

RV and Boat Storage

We’re glad to offer the boat and RV storage options you need for the times of the year you need them, so get in touch right away if we can help. Contact us today!

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