RV Tips for Traveling During Christmas

Are you traveling during Christmas? If you’re heading out in your RV and will be traveling during Christmas, here are some tips to make this year memorable, merry, and bright.

Don’t Just Make the Best of It

Don’t just make the best of it…make it the very best! Take along special Christmas treats, like pre-baked cookies and cookie decorations you can store in your RV’s kitchen pantry.

Traveling During Christmas

Apple cider mix is also a nice treat and is a break from the standard hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. (Just kidding. Don’t replace your coffee!)

Add some fun and simple Christmas décor to your RV, such as a string of Christmas lights on your RV’s power awning or some festive window clings. A small wreath can take the place of a larger tree – or, if you can’t do without a tree, opt for a miniature tabletop tree.

Finally, find some local traditions! Check your destination’s Chamber of Commerce website for local activities and traditions to participate in.

Traveling During Christmas

Peace on Earth Requires Some Flexibility

The holidays can be stressful, and full of extra surprises (not always the welcome kind). If you can do your best to remain flexible and patient with the curve balls that come, from extra traffic, extra time waiting in lines, weather delays, and different kinds of family drama, you’ll feel a lot more peaceful at the end of the day.

And speaking of family drama, staying in your new or used RV can give you a welcome respite when you need to step away for a bit. It’s nice to know you have a retreat that’s a bit more secluded than a guest bedroom in someone’s home. Another great way to enjoy the holidays or family get togethers throughout the years is to take advantage of the rentals at Holly Shores that will easily accommodate families of all sizes! Contact us today if you’d like to book or have questions about our rentals. Happy Holidays!

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