Plan a Spring S’moregasbord with This Camp Recipe for Different S’mores!

Spring is a fantastic time for family reunions, and what better time to have a S’more-gasbord as you gather with your aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone else in the family for your reunion at Holly Shores this spring! Having a Spring S’more-gasbord brings the whole family together, especially if you have everyone pitch in on the different items, which makes this camp recipe even easier.

Spring S'moregasbord

Try these great variations on the class S’more. You may discover a new favorite family tradition along the way!

Set the (Chocolate) Bar High

For endless possibilities, change up the standard chocolate bar with some other great flavors.

Spring S'moregasbord

Try the following:

  • Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • Andes mint candies
  • Ghirardelli dark chocolate & caramel sea salt squares
  • Rolo chocolate caramels
  • Box of mixed chocolates
  • Fun size Mounds or Almond Joy

Spring S'moregasbord

Think Outside the Graham

There’s more to hold together a S’more than a standard graham cracker! Some of my favorite alternatives include:

  • Cinnamon graham crackers
  • Chocolate graham crackers
  • Ritz crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Oreo cookies (or other sandwich cookies), twisted apart and re-sandwiched with the marshmallow and chocolate

Spring S'moregasbord

Inside Out

Put that marshmallow on the outside! Mix equal parts marshmallow creme with softened cream cheese. Skewer a strawberry, apple wedge, or chunk of banana and smear the soft marshmallow crème/cream cheese mixture on it, or dip it fondue-style. Once you have a nice crème coating, toast it over the fire until golden brown. Pair your toasted fondue treat with a regular graham cracker or quickly dip/roll in graham cracker crumbs. It’s like campfire cheesecake!

Marshmallow Magic

On the note of marshmallows, try mixing these up for variety, too. Marshmallows come in all kinds of flavors, and sometimes seasonal ones, so check the baking aisle at the grocery for whatever seasonal marshmallow has hit the shelves. You might find flavors ranging from strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon, pistachio, and pumpkin spice!

Spring S'moregasbord

Of course, make sure to keep some classic S’more fixings on hand if you prefer the traditional flavor, but having a Spring S’moregasbord while you stay with us at Holly Shores in either your RV or in one of our rentals is an easy and fun new tradition to start up with your family. Contact us today if you’re ready to book your family reunion or camping trip with us. We can’t wait to see you!

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