Multigenerational Camping Tips: Start New Traditions with Your Kids & Grandkids!

Camping with your kids and grandkids can not only create wonderful memories, but longstanding traditions for years to come. Camping trips always take a good deal of planning, and large family camping trips are no exception. Here are some great tips for multigenerational camping to help make sure your camping trip is a success.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Helpful Hints & Ideas

Heading off into a giant family camping trip definitely needs some coordination ahead of time! Consider making plans like the following, and divvying up the responsibilities among family members:

  • Meals: have each family unit assume responsibility for meal planning and prep for one night of the camping trip.
  • Campfire treats: plan a S’more-gasbord Night with different s’mores fixings (such as chocolate or cinnamon graham crackers, and different chocolate candies like Andes candies or Reese’s cups)
    Multigenerational Camping
  • Plan family excursions or outings: on a couple of afternoons, and plan this as a family. Prior to the camping trip, get feedback from everyone – including the kids – about things they’d like to do while on the trip. Check out the best of Cape May events on their upcoming event calendar! Plan a city-wide scavenger hunt with particular objects in the community to find and photograph. At the end of the evening, gather the family up around snacks and compare photos.

Multigenerational Camping

  • Game nights: bring a few cooperative board games (where you win or lose together as a team) or a list of “minute to win it” games. These are absolutely hilarious games that are exceptionally fun for family members of all ages, and require minimal supplies that you may already have on hand – like plastic Solo drinking cups or marshmallows.

Multigenerational Camping

  • Plan an “unplanned” time: Don’t feel compelled to fill every single minute with the kids and grandkids. Allow for time to explore, take unscheduled hikes or walks around the campground, or just relax around the campsite. The downtime will help everyone feel relaxed and ready to go for the scheduled activities.

A little bit of planning ahead of time and you’ll be able to enjoy making this tradition an annual event!

Driving Days

If you are driving for any long length of time to get to your campground or outside activity, make sure you have plenty of snacks for the road, carve out several bathroom stops while driving, and (of course) make sure the kiddos stay buckled up.

Work Together

Think in terms of “we” instead of “me.” Give the kids and grandkids tasks that will help set up camp, and work together while building campfires and cooking delicious camp meals.

Multigenerational Camping


You might also consider making a specific outdoor play space around your campsite for little ones – it might include a large outdoor mat with coloring books and Legos. Assemble an outdoor explorer kit with binoculars, bug inspecting gear like a magnifying glass and butterfly net, and a compass for older kids. Don’t forget campground games like ring toss and a good old fashioned ball and mitt for playing catch.

It’s Tradition!

Remember, the ultimate goal in having camping trips with the kids and grandkids is to have fun, make memories, and enjoy spending time with each other, so the most important to thing to pack is a great attitude and plenty of flexibility. We would LOVE to help your family establish and maintain traditions of spending time together in camping trips, too. We’d love to help you spend that quality time with the multiple generations in your family.

Holly Shores Camping Resort is a fantastic place to camp with the kids, grandkids, and grandparents, and we’d love to welcome you and yours! We have campsite openings as well as rentals available, which are perfect for large family gatherings and reunions. Contact us to book your 2021 camping reservations today with the whole family!



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