Memorial Day Recap + More

I watched the weather yesterday afternoon and it promised little to no rain.  The weather channel lied again….it poured cats and dogs well into the night yet everyone at Holly Shores survived unscathed!

Nevertheless, all the activities proceeded on schedule here at Holly Shores!

Bill and Brian cooked the most incredible pulled pork, and chicken on the grille. The teens enjoyed a water balloon war and I spent the morning picking up the spent balloons—must have been fun!!  We had a 50/50 drawing for over $300.00 in winnings all going to the Tom and Claire Brodesser Cancer Center here in Cape May County.  The winning number was 746794 and we had a lucky winner!!  We will be having 50/50’s all summer to support the hospital.

Don’t forget next weekend we have Rummy Joe appearing poolside!  My son Danon Robinson will be playing guitar and singing at the pool from 5-8 PM.  Danon sings a lot of great contemporary songs for the whole family to enjoy!  In addition we will have homemade pizza, and a fund raising car wash!

This year we have introduced Glamping to Holly Shores Camping Resort.

Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.

Glamping – Wikipedia  

By the way, I have no idea what portmanteau means, but the French is door and coat.  Checking out the definition I found it has nothing to do with door or coat!.  It is the blending of two forms to create a new word; combining glamour and camping to form Glamping!!   LOL.

Anyway, we have installed two camping tents which we found at the national rv show this past winter.  Maggy and I have also enjoyed staying in a glamping tent in Florida at the Westgate Ranch.  It was a blast.  It seems our campers agree because everyone staying in the tents loves them!!!  We also purchased two “little house” cabins that are really cool as well.  They are equipped with a queen size bed and a set of bunk beds allowing a family of four to have a cozy cabin for their camping holiday.

These Holly Shores glamping units are selling out fast so if you want to try one call or go online and book a reservation….we now offer on line reservations!!!  Next season we will be installing two more glamping tents and two more glamping cabins.

News of Interest:

If you read this soon you may want to go to see the Pinta and Nina right here in Cape May.  They will be here today and tomorrow from 9:00 AM.  They are docked at Two Mile Landing Marina and there is an admission charge if you want a tour.

As if you did not know and maybe you don’t Cape May has the very finest beaches in the nation!  In fact Wildwood Crest was just named “#1 Summer Hot Spot in 2017 by Trip Advisor”.  The reason, affordable accommodations, free expansive beaches, super amusements including three water parks, 300 places to get a bite to eat, and the best amusement piers on the east coast.  For additional information go to

Want a cool camping tip:  Take the lint from your dryer and stuff it into an empty toilet paper roll…makes a great campfire starter.

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