Twelve years ago we had lost a wonderful Shitzu, Daisy in a car accident. Shortly thereafter I was visiting with my sister, Patricia, at her store, The Wagging Tail pet supply. While I was in the store a woman came in carrying the cutest French Bulldog puppy and told my sister that her dog could not adjust to the new puppy and she wanted to give her up. I explained to the woman that we just lost a dog we loved greatly and I did not want to take the “frenchie” unless she was absolutely sure about this decision. She said she was very sure.

 I took our new dog home and named her Lilly, she was pure white and a flower in every way. For the next 12 years she was our little girl and an integral part of our family. She survived lots of incidents including being driven over by me one night when I could not see her while driving around the campground. She had allergies, swallowed her pallet, and had a nose job!!! We spent thousands of dollars over the years keeping her healthy. When we introduced Leo, our Rhodesian Ridgeback to the family Lilly made it very clear that she was the Alpha female and the “boss”. She loved humans and despised other dogs as if they were nothing but an annoyance to deal with. Kids adored her and always wanted to cuddle her. She was a good dog!

Problem with dogs, they generally do not outlive us. We all must deal with the heartache of seeing them age, become infirm, incontinent, and finally die. Dogs forever remind us of what we all must go through as we humans age. She was a good puppy, always loving and never asking for much in return except a lot of love back. Many of you know this story. We just have to carry on and keep the memory of our favorite pets forever in our minds.

Watch the video below to see Lilly through the years:

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