Keep It Cool! 5 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Summer is in full swing, which means loads of travel and camping trips with your family – and lots of hot weather, too! Here are some tips for taking care of yourself in hot weather so you and your family stay cool!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Make sure to pack water! There’s nothing more refreshing or thirst quenching, especially when the weather is sweltering. If there’s room, gallon jugs are the best value, but single bottles are always a favorite. Pack along reusable and refillable water bottles that you can carry on hikes or while kayaking or enjoying other activities where you can find potable water for refills. During the summertime, I keep a flat of bottled water in the back of our car at all times!

Tips for Hot Weather Camping

Protect Your Skin

Love your skin! Make sure to pack sunscreens and skin balms that will both protect and help heal. Lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher as well as plenty of sunscreen should be on the list. And don’t forget the aloe cream or gel to cool and help heal skin in the event of sunburn. And since it’s summertime, that means the bugs are living the dream! Make sure to pack insect repellent and citronella candles. My kids also like wearing citronella bracelets while playing outside – they’re effective for keeping the bugs away and don’t interrupt their playing time to get sprayed down with an aerosol repellent.

Tips for Hot Weather Camping

Choose Shade

If you’re outside and start to feel a little overheated, go back indoors if possible – or sit in the shade! Shady areas can have substantially lower temperatures and can offer some relief from the heat. Our pavilion at the playground, volleyball areas, nature trail, and vineyards all have plenty of shade so you can cool down while having fun!

Tips for Hot Weather Camping

Protect Your Pets

Pets absorb heat through their paw pads! If the concrete is too hot for you to put your hand on, it’s too hot for your doggo to walk on. When you go for walks, stay on the grass to help keep your fur baby protected and out of harm’s way. Be sure that your pets have plenty of fresh, cool water throughout the day as well. I like to drop a large chunk of ice in the water bowl to keep the water cool as it melts.

Tips for Hot Weather Camping

Cool Down in the Pool

There’s nothing like a good swim to help beat the heat when camping in hot weather! Throw on the sunscreen and dive into the pool at Holly Shores to cool off!

Tips for Hot Weather Camping

Holly Shores Camping Resort is a great place to bring your family for a week or weekend of fun in the sun – but also fun in the shade, pool, and other areas to stay cool instead of being baked alive outside. Contact us today to make a reservation and enjoy your coolest summer yet!

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