June 6, 2017: Weekend Recap, Local Restaurant Tips + More

June 6, 2017

We had a great weekend at the park! The weather was outstanding; seasonably cool, and sunny!

Our eldest son, Danon and his friend, Mike, performed for three hours at the pool. The duet is called Rummy Joe and it was really amazing! Folks were coming up to tell me it was one of the best performances they have ever heard at a camping event.

 While they played and sang we were making homemade pizza on our new propane grille! For $8.00 you could get a pizza with toppings of your choice! We made a lot of pizzas!! Everyone had a fantastic time.

 Meanwhile all the folks with Pleasure Way enjoyed a dinner and auction with their group. There were over 40 Class B units here for the weekend and beyond; many actually stayed through Monday. Maggy

and I got a chance to drive one of the demo models brought down by Fretz Rv, Souderton, Pa. It handled like a car and was fun to drive.

 Who knows, we might be members of the travelling Pleasure Way group next year and leave Christine and Bill to run the show. When I suggested this to Maggy she said NOOOOO WAY….she just won’t let me retire!

Speaking of retiring we want to squash a rumor that keeps rearing its ugly head….we have no plans now or in the future to sell Holly Shores. Unlike many of the area campgrounds being purchased by large Wall Street companies we will continue to be family owned and professionally managed. Our staff is doing an outstanding job at running the everyday operations of the park. Maggy and I will continue to give them direction and encouragement while we focus on our vision for Holly Shores. Thank you for appreciating the quality that we have instilled and will continue to do in the future.

Brooke Parker, our marketing manager is wowing us every day with her creativity on the Web. Check out the latest “Flash Sale” Brooke uploaded to Facebook and our site, Holly Shores.com.

 Here is my restaurant tip for the week….Salt Water Café! Turn left out of the campground and head toward Cape May. Go over the big bridge and drive past the Lobster House entrance. Start looking left and you will see a marina and the Salt Water Café at the end of the parking area. Your hosts at the restaurant are Colleen and Richard Weber. They are open for breakfast and lunch daily and dinner on Friday and Saturday evening outside on the deck.

 You can eat breakfast and lunch either in their lovely dining room or outside on the deck….bring your doggie to join you on their deck overlooking the docks. The marina was rated as Number 1 by Marina Life and for sure you will be able to see some very large private yachts docked right out front. Our favorite breakfast was the One Fish Two Fish with bagel smoked Salmon, and white fish salad…..delicious. They are almost a 5 start rated restaurant with a fair price for all of their entries. Their web site with photos and complete menu is www.saltwatercafecapemay.com.

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