June 2, 2017: Local Events and Holly Shores Activities This Weekend

June 2, 2017

Well I got a call from a good friend yesterday. He was taking his incredibly beautiful Grand Banks boat north to Rhode Island.

He came to Cape May for the night and berthed at South Jersey Marina. When folks bring boats north and stop in Cape May they rarely get to see the sights. I went over early this morning and picked him and his brother up at about 7AM. I took them for a very quick but inclusive tour of Cape May. They got to appreciate the splendor and unique quality of our great city. We stopped at Avalon Bagels near the beach and had coffee. On the way back they got to see the Seven Sisters, seven unique homes built in the 1800’s by a father for his daughters, we drove past all the Victorian mansions—now mostly all B+B’s and finally to the marina.

I bid them farewell and sent them on their way north. Their next stop is Long Island, N.Y.

I am very pleased to report that we have an outstanding sunny day here in Cape May…not a cloud in the sky and temperatures near perfect at 73 degrees! And believe it or not tomorrow is going to be beautiful as well with high 73 degrees!

This weather is just in time for the arrival of “Rummy Joe” to Holly Shores Camping Resort. They will be performing pool side from 5-8 tomorrow evening!! Holly Shores is also pleased to welcome 40 Pleasure Way class B motor homes to the park this weekend.

Pleasure Way campers are one of the very best in their class having won RVDA (RV Dealers Association) award for excellence for the last seven years. The camper is built in Saskatoon, Canada. We welcome

the Pleasure Way group coming to Holly Shores for the fifth consecutive year!

The big local event this weekend is Escape The Cape Triathlon to be held at the Cape May Ferry. Athletes from all over the country will convene on Cape May. They will take the ferry out into the Delaware Bay, jump 12 feet into the water and race back to the Ferry Terminal. After the one mile swim they will race 23 miles on their bikes! The web site is to get all the information is delmosports.com.

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