July 15th Blog

A few weeks ago I picked up for the first time a copy of What’s Happening In Cape May This Week. We have these at the office. This is a magazine published by MAC, a local arts and preservation organization. I was amazed at all the cool things this magazine published including things to do and places to go.

You really should pick it up at the office and check it out next time you come to Holly Shores.

Another cool source for good deals is our campground map. We have a host of local businesses that have advertised in the map including camping services like Cape Camping, (page 3) Auto Repair, O’Brien’s auto repair on (page2). For great sea food look at the ad for Fish and Fancy, (page 2) or for a pizza delivered to the park see page3, Erma Deli. Erma deli also offers an ad, “buy one get one free”; call them at 884-0958 for delivery. If you want to try a different pizzeria, call Bruni’s in Rio Grande, 600-1114. Bottom line is—read all the ads and informative information presented in our campground map.

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