Is Your Camper Ready?

When I think of this question I am reminded of all the trailers and campers I see stuck on the side of the road on their way to their dream holiday.  Instead they are stranded waiting for help and allowing all that anxiety to put a damper on their plans.

In order to prevent this there are a number of things to do before you set out on your first Spring trip in 2020:

  • Check the batteries. Make sure they are fully charged and that the connections are secure
  • Check your hitch to be sure the lights work correctly and replace any bulbs that are burned out
  • Inspect all the tires for any signs of unusual wear or dry rotting
  • Good time to remove the tires and have the bearings of the wheels check and greased. Take it to a reliable tire shop to have this done professionally
  • Hook up the water line to a hose at the house and be sure all the plumbing systems are working and leak proof
  • Change your water filter
  • Run the AC unit and check the filter-replace if necessary
  • Inspect your propane bottles for rusting and check the expiration dates on the cylinder. If older than 12 years you cannot get the tank filled without replacing it
  • Take a soapy bottle of water and spray the propane connections to be sure you have no leaks. If you get soapy bubbles forming it may mean a leak.  Use your nose to double check.
  • Get up on the roof—carefully and inspect it for holes and cracks. Check the seams and caulk as needed to prevent leaks
  • Take the AC cover off your roof unit and blow off and clean the equipment
  • Inspect the roof vents for cracks-repair or replace
  • Plug in the electric to the unit and check all interior lights, outlets, and refrigeration units to be sure they are in good working order
  • Take a hose and start with the roof and check for any leaks inside the camper
  • Put 5 gallons of water and deodorizer in the holding tank….check outlets for any leaks
  • Run the toilet, sink, and shower to wash out any anti-freeze stored in the lines during the winter
  • Check all drains and be sure they are tight, secure, and leak proof
  • From my own experience the slides are an area of real concern. Open and close the slides.  Follow the mfg. recommendations for lubricating and caring for your slide outs.  Check for holes or leaks as you would for the roof.
  • Make sure your insurance is up to date and readily available.
  • Subscribe to Good Sam’s Road Service or AAA RV Road Service—worth every penny!!!

Pack up the family and pets and your camping gear and have a great holiday—we are always willing to lend a hand here at Holly Shores.

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