Interview with Dave: Looking Back…

Today’s blog is not all about me and my travails with camping.  This is about one of our oldest and dearest camping families, Bob and Carol Potter.  These folks have been seasonal campers here at Holly Shores since 1991 when the Hornbeck family still owned the park.  They have been married for 58 years this year!!


The Potters and their two sons started camping in the early 70’s when their uncle purchased his first camper and invited Bob and Carol to join him for a camping trip.  Soon after Bob purchased his first camper and the entire family was  hooked on camping every since.

The family tried a number of campgrounds in New Jersey and settled on Holly Shores due to location and quality of the park. Before we purchased the park in 1999, the campground had fallen on hard times.  The owner was disabled and his wife could not focus on the park.  As a result, the wrong kinds of campers were coming to Holly Shores and, according to the Potters, things got a bit scary.  They were even fearful of going to the pool on holiday weekends.

Shortly after we purchased the park, their fears were alleviated when they saw how quickly we took control.  We enforced all the camping rules regarding etiquette and quiet hours.  Any one in violation was asked to leave or escorted out by our local police force.  As Potters would say “everything changed.”  The sites were upgraded, cabin rentals introduced, a new pool area that turned the park into a true resort.  They were very pleased.

They started with a 31’ trailer and in 2008 purchased their first Park Model Home. Bob made me promise I would not sell the campground if he upgraded.  This is almost 2020 and I haven’t disappointed him yet!!  A few years later they invested in a three season room on their deck which gave them much more room and made closing up for the season a simple shutting of the door!!

What do they enjoy most about Holly Shores? The Pottars answered: “their neighbors and friend here at the campground”. Holly Shores is like living in the 50’s again. The kids can play with their friends and the parents can enjoy socializing with their neighbors. It is a good life!!

They also mentioned how great the staff is including Bill and Christine in the office and Pedro and Wayne Mazurek in the field; always ready to be of assistance in a friendly courteous way.

I asked Bob and Carol how long they planned to stay at Holly Shores.  They replied, “untiI we are looking up at the grass growing above!!”


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