Inspiring Campground Activities Fun!!

“Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly.” – Quentin Blake

For those of you that have been to Holly Shores, you know it’s like coming home. There’s always a smile waiting for you somewhere in the campground. Hi, I’m Ashli and as the Activities Director here at Holly Shores, the best part of my days is both not knowing who you’re going to meet, or becoming excited to see familiar faces. Our campers come from all around and always have new and fascinating ideas.

wetwilda (Our Wet and Wild Hayride is a Guest Fave!!)

Conversing seems to be like flicking a light switch on in my head. Our campers astonish me sometimes with their ideas! It’s as though the wheels don’t stop. I appreciate all the campers that take the time to educate me on things, or give me great ideas! Thank you to those who did during the 2018 Season!

hockey (A new activity in 2018:  Slip and Slide Hockey!!  Soapy Sudsy Fun!!)

However, as we all know, inspiration doesn’t always come as smoothly as we might hope. Our wheels aren’t always turning. In this line of work, it can be difficult to always come up with new, unique, creative, and different ideas for events and activities.  I am always looking for inspiration!

glasspaint pieface (Glass Painting is fun for all the ladies!!……Who doesn’t like a whip cream slurping contest??)

handpaint horses (More arts and crafts and of course our bouncy horse racing!!)

For those of you returning or making your first visit in 2019, feel free to email me your thoughts and ideas at !  Can’t wait to see everyone this summer!!


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