Home Sweet Camper…by Dave

Maggy and I packed up the motorhome right after Memorial Weekend.  We got all the animals including Nicki, the cat; Helga, the German Pinscher, and Lattie our very frisky CavaPoo.  For those who do not know, a CavaPoo is half poodle and and half King Charles Cavalier.  Nicki, the cat, loves the bus and finds all kinds of private spots to settle in for the long journey ahead.

We headed out on a Thursday afternoon and drove to St. Augustine to Stagecoach RV Park.  This park is located about 1 mile off the I-95 exit at route 16.  It is highly rated and easy to enter and exit.  All Covid 19 precautions were in effect including the closure of the bath houses.   We had an enjoyable evening,  Maggy made a delicious breakfast in the morning.  Took care of all the on board pets and headed out to Gander RV to check on parts for the bus.

With all the issues surrounding the world wide pandemic, the supply chains for parts have been interrupted.  If you haven’t guessed, just about all the parts for your RV or camper are manufactured in your favorite country, China.  As a result the slide out parts we need have been delayed and we can’t get an answer as to when they will arrive.  So, after that fruitless visit we boarded our home on wheels and continued north.  For the first time in many trips north and south we decided to take the 295 bypass around Jacksonville, Florida.  It means a bit longer trip but much more relaxing and scenically more interesting.  We drove over the  inter coastal waterway, circled around and ended back on 95 north of Jacksonville.

Our next stop, Brunswick, Georgia.   It is a very nice area and we made a reservation at the Coastal Georgia RV resort.  A really nice park with spacious sites and a whole new rally area almost completed.  There was nothing open due to Covid 19 restrictions.  Definitely recommend this park if you are nearby.

We had a peaceful evening, up for coffee, and a great breakfast on the bus.  We learned during the national shutdown that going out to restaurants, though enjoyable, was far from necessary.  We had so much fun cooking at home and on the road; not to mention the financial reward not spending the extra money.

In the evenings Maggy would knit and we would watch Netflix.  I signed up with Verizon for about $20.00 per month for our own portable hot spot.  It enabled us to go on the internet and enjoy our favorite shows.  We avoided watching all the “bad news” on TV and this helped keep the stress at a minimum.

So, the next day, Saturday, we continued to North Carolina to our other favorite park, Fayetteville RV Resort.  This camping resort is located right off the highway in Wade, North Carolina.  They have nice cabins, sites and plenty of amenities-the only facility opened was the bathroom.  Everything else was also closed due to our friends in Wuhan.

Interesting to note that we never saw any staff members at any of the parks we visited.  We reserved on phone or on line.  They had a box as we entered with our reservation information and site locations.  We camped and moved on….actually very easy.

We tried to take our time getting from Florida to Cape May.  We decided after a harrowing night in the rain last year and in the dark to never drive after dark again.  It’s just is not worth the extra stress.  Our friends, Rocco and Cheryl, who have been full timers for the last number of years have a rule called, the 2-2-2 rule; they never drive more than two hundred miles per day, stay two nights at every new location,  and always get there by 2 PM to set up,  get settled and have your favorite beverage by 5 PM!!!!

On Sunday we drove through Norfolk and took the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the eastern shore of Virginia.  Normally we stop at Cherrystone Camping Resort but this time we opted to try the KOA just as you exit the bridge.  Frankly, for the $71.00 off-season rate charged and no facilities open it was like staying on a farm converted to a campground.  The greeter was pleasant enough but the place just did nothing for either of us with everything still closed up.  Lots of folks go there in the summer when the restaurant and bar are open overlooking the Bay.

We had an early breakfast and headed on 13 and 113 through Virginia and into Maryland.  We had a ferry reservation in Lewes Delaware for 4:15.  They have reduced their schedule like everyone else during this unique time in our lives.  Once we got to the ferry terminal we walked the puppies, had lunch, and took a much needed nap for an hour while we waited for the Cape May bound ferry.  The trip across was good with fine weather.

Once off we stopped at the Acme for supplies and drove to our very favorite of all campgrounds, Holly Shores!!  We set up and had cocktails by 6 PM.

The bus performed really well and we were at last back home safe and sound.  We are finally open for business and looking forward to recovering from the trauma of this past winter.

We thank you for your business and look forward to seeing our many camping friends this summer.

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