Holly Shores’ Newest Family Member

Back in September, Maggy and I attended the Hershey RV Show.  On our way home, we saw a sign along the highway that stated, “Bernpoodle” for sale.  About ½ mile down the road we decided to turn around, and take a look at the puppies.  Down a dirt road we went with our 24’ motorhome and we found an Amish farm and honked our horn.  A lovely Amish woman came out in her bare feet and greeted us.  They were dairy farmers and due to rain, the cows were all gathered in the barn.  Soon the farmer came with his son.  They showed us at least 3-4 very lovely puppies but we quickly surmised that these dogs were going to be huge.  We thanked the folks and took our leave.

On the way home Maggy spent three hours on the internet looking for other dogs more suited to the size we wanted—small.  We looked for rescues but could not find one.  Most were large dogs and the small dogs we liked were in Indiana and very expensive.

The search continued for the next few days. Finally, we found a dog back in Lancaster, Pa.  We probably drove right by the house on the first trip back from Hershey.  This dog was a Cavapoo, ½ King Charles Cavalier and one half Poodle.  We contacted the owner and she advised that the dog was the last one in the litter and much more reasonable than the dog in Indiana.

Back in the car and 3 hours later we were back in Lancaster to the most beautiful Amish Farmstead you have ever seen!  It was there we found our new addition to our home, Latimus Robinson.  Latimus was the name of Maggy’s grandfather on her mother’s side.  We call him Lattie for short.  He is beautiful and completely mad about our other dog, Helga.  Nicki the cat is coming around slowly but surely.


Make sure you get to see Lattie in person when you visit Holly Shores.  He is smart, fun, loves everyone, and does not shed.

Have a great Holiday!

The Gang at Holly Shores

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