Helpful Tips for First Time Campers!

If you’re new to camping and are looking forward to spending some unforgettable vacations with your family this year, we’d love to help you out with some tips for first time campers! These camping tips will help you plan well, stay organized, and avoid frustration, and will be your ticket to enjoying plenty of fun camping trips for years to come.

  • Know Your Gear

Whether you’re traveling in an RV, planning to tent camp, or staying in one of our rentals, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with all of your camping gear ahead of time. For tents, that means not waiting until you get to the campground to try putting up your tent for the first time.

First Time Campers

Other camping gear, such as campfire essentials, hammocks, picnic tents, and more should all be tested out and assembled/dissembled before you set out on your trip – just to get the hang of it. It also gives you a chance to check for any missing pieces, hardware, straps, pegs, etc. that you will need.

First Time Campers

  • Plan Meals

Food expenses are easy to increase while camping. Why? When you’re not in your home kitchen, and you’ve just spent a fun day outside, it’s easy to decide on a whim to go eat out again…and again…and again. And after all, you come on vacation to relax, don’t you? But if you plan on cooking some meals at the campsite and then abandon it, you’re wasting both money and food you’ve already bought. Decide on a meal plan and buy/prep what groceries you can in advance. Portion off small amounts of the seasonings you know you’ll use. Of course, work the meals you do intend to eat out into the budget and enjoy those nights off!

First Time Campers

  • Read the Rules

It’s essential to read the campground rules before you arrive and go over them with all of your family members who are on the trip. Specifically, be mindful of noise ordinances, guidelines for pets, and allowances for visitors.

Camping with Pets

A camping trip where everyone knows and abides by the rules makes it more pleasant for everyone – your family, your camping neighbors, and the campground owners alike. You can find our campground policies here.

  • Be Courteous

You’ll want to allot extra time for camp set up, so don’t go arriving at your campsite late in the evening. There’s always plenty of unpacking and set up that’s needed, so arrive early to give yourself plenty of extra time. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Pack Enough

Check the weather forecast, and pack for a ten degree difference on either side. Even if the days are warm, the nights may still be chilly. Pack extra socks, jackets, outdoor shoes, and rain gear. You’ll also want to pack things like extra matches, batteries, and towels, and make sure to include basic essentials like a first aid kit, flashlights, and sunscreen. You can run an internet search for camping check lists to give you an idea of where to start!

We hope these camping tips will help you make the most of your camping trips this year and beyond. We’d love to welcome you and your family at Holly Shores Camping Resort, so contact us today to make a reservation!

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