Four Great Health Benefits of Camping

Did you know that camping and being outdoors is good for your health? Check out some of the amazing health benefits of camping – and then call us to book your reservation at Holly Shores Camping Resort to experience them for yourself!


Spending Time Outside

Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or just exploring, spending time outside is great for your physical health. Nothing beats physical exercise – especially when it’s loaded with fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and a nice breeze.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Better Food

Sure, eating out is nice, but have you ever noticed how great food cooked outside or while camping is? Finding easy, healthy, and cost-effective recipes to use while camping means you can eliminate or avoid foods or ingredients you might find yourself splurging on if you were eating out. Cooking up a hearty breakfast over the campfire or grilling a hot, delicious dinner is better for your health and your budget!

Health Benefits of Camping

Decrease Contagious Exposure

Public places are crawling with germs! Everything from door handles to public bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses to congregate. Camping gives you the great benefit of living with only your germs, which your body is pretty much used to, and cuts down on the amount of public surfaces you’re touching after hundreds of other people have touched them first.


Disconnect and Reconnect

Disconnect from the distractions demanding your attention, and reconnect with what matters! Put down the screens and enjoy being fully present with your loved ones! You’ll make tons of unforgettable memories, enjoy the quality time with each other, and – as a bonus – probably sleep better at night, too.

Health Benefits of Camping

There are so many great health benefits of camping – why not find out for yourself? You can enjoy all of these and more at Holly Shores Camping Resort. Contact us today to make a reservation!

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