Drop in for a quick visit!

Looking to come to Holly Shores this summer? Now is the perfect time! We have dropped our minimum nights so you can come and stay for two and three nights without promising a week. The weather has been outstanding in the 80’s without a lot of humidity. The park is busy but very peaceful. You will be able to enjoy our 5 star rated camping resort without pressing crowds. Frankly, it seems that Donald Trump’s attitude toward Canada has made the Canadians fearful about visiting Cape May this year. Their unfortunate loss is your gain. Call today for your next few days off and come have a great time.

Good restaurant tip of the week is Two Mile Crab House. Great food, reasonable price, and nice service. You can go early and get a full course meal for $25.00 per person.

This weekend at Holly Shores we will feature a seafood dinner including Crab Cake, Fried Fish, Clam Strips, Shrimp, French Fries, Coleslaw, Iced Tea, and Lemonade. The price is right at $10.95 for adults. Buy two dinners for the price of just $20.00. We also offer a children’s meal of chicken fingers and French fries. Includes iced tea and lemonade is $5.50 each or two meals for $10.00. Call the office, 609-886-1234 to make a reservation. Tickets are limited.

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