Do’s and Don’ts for Camping with Pets!

As you plan your camping trips for this year, you might be wondering about bringing along your dog. Your fur baby is part of your family, too! Here are some dos and don’ts for camping with pets so you can enjoy plenty of successful camping trip with your dog.

Camping with Pets


Do check with the campground beforehand on their pet policy (you can find ours here under the Pets section). The last thing you want to do is to arrive with your fur baby and discover a “no pets” policy. Even if the campground welcomes pets, they may also have particular leash requirements and ordinances regarding noise or aggression.

Camping with Pets

Do schedule a vet appointment. Make sure your pet’s shots are up to date, get your fur baby microchipped, and ask your vet about any recommended flea or tick prevention treatments that might be ideal. The outdoors are great for pets, but you don’t want to come home from your camping trip with a newly-acquired flea or tick problem.

Camping with Pets

Do pack appropriately. You’ll want to make sure to pack these items, to start:

  • Pet food, water, bowls for both, and pet treats
  • ID tags on your pet’s collar
  • Prescription medication, if your pet takes any
  • Leash and outdoor stakes
  • Dog waste bags
  • Toys – both your pet’s favorite indoor toys, and some outdoor toys too

Camping with Pets

Do assemble a pet first aid kit. Anyone can get hurt accidentally. Make sure you’re prepared to help with minor booboos, cuts, and scrapes with a first aid kid specifically designed for your pet. A first aid kit for your pet needs to include the following:

  • Vet records
  • Current list of any medications and/or recent treatments
  • Sterile eyewash specifically intended for pets (ask your vet)
  • Digital thermometer
  • Nonstick bandages
  • Gauze
  • Adhesive tape

Do take a picture of your pet for identification purposes. You probably have tons of photos on your phone already, but in the event your pet gets loose, you’ll want to provide a photo to help searchers identify him. The photo should be:

  • Clear and not blurry
  • Front facing, and any additional side or back shots to show particular markings
  • Recent
  • Well lit

Camping with Pets

Do enroll in dog obedience classes if your dog could use some obedience training. This will be a great investment not just for your camping trips but for happy pet ownership for years to come!

Camping with Pets


Don’t leave pet waste behind. Keep your dog waste bags with you, especially when you go on walks, and use them. Don’t be inconsiderate to those sharing the campground!

Don’t leave your pet unattended. This is irresponsible both to your pet as well as to other campers. *We recommend if leaving a pet for a short period of time, to bring or have a dog crate for safety and comfort of the pet.

Don’t take a chronically ill pet camping. Pets can respond negatively to environmental changes just like people can, and if your pet is already sick, this can exacerbate their suffering.

Don’t let your pet interfere with other campers. This goes along with keeping them leashed, for starters, but don’t let your pet bark at all hours.

Don’t tolerate aggressive behavior. If your pet isn’t good around kids or tends to be aggressive, keep them away from other campers. If you take them for walks, steer away from playgrounds or other campground locations where people congregate.

Camping with Pets

We hope these tips for camping with pets will help you plan your camping trips appropriately and be able to enjoy many years of camping with your fur baby! Contact us today to make your reservation or if you have questions about our pet policy!


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