Dave’s Travel Log – Chapter 1

Hello to all my blog followers and a Very Merry and Healthy Christmas Season.  Maggy and I hit the road in late November to drive our motor home to Florida.  I know you all thought we were happy with the 24’ Thor Citation we purchased last but like most RV owners, we fell in love with the BIG RIGS at the Hershey Show in September.

We called our son Tom, GM of Camping World in Bridgeport, NJ and told him to find a new motor home that would give us a lot more room for our cat, Nicki, and our dogs, Helga and Lattie.  We settled on a Thor Aria 39.01.  It had all the features we wanted including a bath and a half, drop down bed over the driver’s area, and a King bed.

We loaded the bus with everything we needed to bring to Florida; it was packed.  And so began the sequel to the 2006 movie starring Robin Williams…..RV!!!  This time starring Dave and Maggy Robinson.

Our ferry departure was scheduled for 10:30 on Thursday November 29th.  We always leave after enjoying Thanksgiving with the kids.  This year we left late due to personal issues and last minute Holly Shores “to dos.”  We got to the ferry in plenty of time and parked right behind our friends, Tim and Kathy Martin.  Tim was scheduled for the 7:00am ferry but had a flat tire on the way and had to take the later ferry with us.  Oh boy, I should have realized that this was a bad omen from the RV gods!!


ferry campers

After checking us for drugs and bombs, we got the green light to prepare to board the ferry.  Tim was directed on first and I was held up so a bunch of cars could board.  I then was directed to take the brand new 2019 bus on to the ramp.  Keep in mind that at least 5 ferry employees were observing our bus enter the ramp.  The guy directing me kept saying I was too close to the right side of the ramp.  Maggy, anxiously told me to move to the left.  I tried but I was almost hitting the ramp entrance on the left.  Not one ferry employee said stop before I heard a sickening crash.  My stomach went into spasms.  Maggy’s look could kill. What did I hit????

Meanwhile the entire parking lot of cars are waiting to get on the ferry and our 48,000 pound motor home is stuck on the entry ramp.  I think my blood pressure just hit 200/100! Maggy opens the door to find our that our steps did not retract properly and not one “motor home” friendly ferry employee made any attempt to get us to stop.

The steps got totaled and a bit of the fiberglass housing.  Half the steps were hanging out so we still couldn’t move forward.  Two of the ferry staff managed to get the bent and broken steps out of the way enough for me to get the bus on board the ship.  After we parked, it was all about how to proceed south with broken steps and no way to get them out of the way.  Thank goodness for our friend and work camper, Tim.  He had everything on board to save the day including hammer, heavy screw driver, and most importantly, get this, a battery operated reciprocating saw with metal cutting blades!  What were the chances that he would have that on board their motor home??  Yeah!!!  We cut off the problem lower step and tied the rest up with ropes and my dog’s leash.

We were finally safe and secure for the moment.  The crossing went well and we were on our way.  This RV story continues with the next blog…..

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