Dave’s Return from Sea: Campground Updates + More

Just got back from six days on a boat from Jupiter, Florida to Cape May, New Jersey. I flew down to Jupiter, Florida and picked up our boat and brought it back, 800 miles north and 15 miles off the coast.

It is a ying-yang experience. The peace of being all alone and off the grid is countered by the constant concern that the boat will continue northbound without breaking down or being capsized in a terrible thunderstorm. Well we hit a big thunderstorm off the coast of Florida and survived and had few if any mechanical issues– -yeah!!! My friend, Jeff Lopez, and I traveled every day from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM. We made the entire trip in 6 days safe and sound.

Back to reality! Every time I go away it seems that all heck breaks out on my return. If any of you think it would be just fantastic to run a campground just put yourself in my shoes when you return from a few days away. Enough said…it is still an exciting and rewarding business.

I am reminded of this thought as I walked out into the store and observed a father holding his young son in his arms in front of the fish tank. He was all wonder and giggles as he pointed to all the different fish.

Last year I took the fish out of the pond out back and put them in a small tank. They quickly outgrew the tank and I had to put a 55 gallon tank in its place. I thought Maggy would kill me for taking up the room in the store but now she loves the fish too!!

Yesterday I went to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint for the “new” front wall and signage for the park. We were tired of the old brick and yellow letters out front so we primed the brick, painted it off bright, and installed great new aluminum letters for the entrance. Wait until you see it….nah! here is a sneak peek picture for you to enjoy.

I hope you like it as much as we do! So back to my story about Sherwin Williams….I start talking to a guy at the counter who must have seen my truck in the parking lot. He spoke to me and said, “is that your campground truck in the parking lot?” Sometimes when people ask me a question like that I start thinking in my head “ is this a guy I asked to leave five years ago for drinking too  much in the campground”? Anyway, he was from Quakertown, Pa and races motorcycles down here for some reason. He then said, “How come I see soooo many campgrounds in Cape May County?” I will stop my story here and see if any of you reading this blog might be able to answer this question. If not, I will answer it on my next blog…..

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