Dave Answers: Why are there so many campgrounds in Cape May County?

June 19, 2017

So here is the answer to the question, “why do we have over 40 camping resorts in Cape May County”? Years ago when the farming industry in Cape May County was on the decline an agent for the Department of Agriculture suggested to farmers to convert their farms to campgrounds.

He knew this was a good way for the farmers to keep their farms and make income to support their families. Holly Shores was one of the first campgrounds to open in the county 50 years ago!

This coming weekend is like the living in southern Florida. Sun, giving way to afternoon storms, giving way to sun and more afternoon storms. Not terrible for camping and certainly good for the trees and flowers we have here at Holly Shores. Speaking of flowers we have planted thousands of Cannas that are starting to rise up to bloom in July. These beautiful red flowers attract humming birds, and honey bees to help pollinate more flowers and plants.

 Lights have now been installed out front for the new sign. Wait to you see the walls at night! This weekend we have our first ever Beer Crawl and our famous Lobster dinner. This is all spelled out in

the activities page of our web site.

A bus will pick up participants and take them for a three hour tour of local breweries and the Cape May Distillery-maker of fine spirits.

You will return to Holly Shores and can enjoy a Lobster Dinner straight from Cape May’s famous Lobster House! Pricing and information is on line or call the office: 609-886- 1234.

Have a great week ahead and see you next weekend.

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