A Perspective on Blessings

Holly Shores is going to have a new look this year.  We have decided to rid ourselves of the old store and offices and build a new two-story building.  To facilitate this move we had to relocate everything in our … Continued

A Little Christmas Magic


How do you decorate a Christmas Display Spectacular on 35 acres on a budget, you ask?  Well, let me tell you a little story about Christmas magic and miracles. In three weeks’ time Holly Shores pulled off an incredible feat … Continued

HO HO HO from Holly Shores!!


  Maggy and I have now operated Holly Shores Camping Resort for 21 years!  I was 50 when we made the purchase in 1999 and I am now 71+!!  I thought that at some point I could start to relax … Continued

Is Seasonal Camping For Me?

This year we have had a great deal of interest in campers looking for a seasonal campsite.  Our season at Holly Shores begins in early April and concludes at the end of October.  Our campers choose Holly Shores for the … Continued

The Campsite As A Classroom

Spring Camping

From the depths of disappointment comes the possibility of new opportunity. Yes the coming school year is certainly a challenge for all of us; especially parents with kids to educate.  If you find that you are going to have your … Continued