Camping Etiquette 101

Holly Shores Camping Resort Best of Cape May 2018 RV Camping

Camping season is upon us!!  Hallelujah!!  With that being said, here are a few gentle reminders of some basic camping etiquette as we embark on another great camping year! Noise – Most campgrounds have quiet hours; and its for a good … Continued

Inspiring Campground Activities Fun!!


“Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly.” – Quentin Blake For those of you that have been to Holly Shores, you know it’s like coming home. There’s always a smile waiting for you somewhere … Continued

Holly Shores Famous Canna Lilies


Greetings!  Tonia here to share a little bit about Holly Shores famous flowers – If you’ve ever camped at Holly Shores, then I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful, tall, red flowers growing everywhere! These plants are called “Canna Lilies”. Cannas … Continued

Cooking For A Crowd


Our campers love to get together and share a meal!  At Holly Shores, we do food events all season long and sometimes we are cooking for over 100 people!  Cooking for large groups requires organization and planning, and it doesn’t … Continued

Camping With Kids…


Camping with kids can be an adventure in itself, but it doesn’t need to empty your pocketbook.  Plan ahead; be prepared before you camp.  If you are unsure how the kids will react to sleeping, eating and basically living outdoors … Continued

Camping Resolutions For The New Year


Now that we are a few weeks into January, we know the new year is a time for renewal…refreshing…making resolutions. Of course there are the usual ones like “losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, and stop smoking.” Here at Holly … Continued

Dave’s Travel Log – Chapter 1

Hello to all my blog followers and a Very Merry and Healthy Christmas Season.  Maggy and I hit the road in late November to drive our motor home to Florida.  I know you all thought we were happy with the … Continued

Holly Shores’ Newest Family Member

Back in September, Maggy and I attended the Hershey RV Show.  On our way home, we saw a sign along the highway that stated, “Bernpoodle” for sale.  About ½ mile down the road we decided to turn around, and take … Continued

Dave’s Reflections

I am in my office on this cold and rainy November morning reminiscing over the season that has past and the next to come.  I was 50 years old when we started to restore Holly Shores and this February I … Continued