Tips for Camping with Toddlers

Camping with Toddlers

There’s still time to enjoy some fall camping trips with your family – and with the right kind of planning, camping trips with toddlers can be lots of fun. Here are some great ideas and tips that can help you … Continued

4 Ways Camping Can Change Your Life

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Come stay at Holly Shores Camping Resort and discover what camping families around the nation have discovered: camping can really change your life! Ready to find out how? Read on! Camping Helps You Appreciate Where You Live A recent survey … Continued

Cape May Vacation Bucket List

Looking for adventures while you are visiting Cape May? Well, we found a great list of things to add to your vacation bucket list!! Thanks for sharing Family Destinations!!    

3 Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Spending time outside is good for your health! Being out in nature is good for your body, mind, and soul. One way you can start spending more time outside is by setting goals. This article suggests following the 20-5-3 rule, … Continued

Managing the Tick Risk

Hello to our camping friends!  Looks like a great summer coming to Cape May this year; the weather has been great as of late and hopefully will continue for the next few months. As most of you know Holly Shores … Continued