Camping Tips For Travel With The Family Pet

Whether you have your own equipment or renting at a local camping resort it is important to consider the physical and emotional needs of your pet.

bulldog camper

Dogs and cats get very used to their own space.  They are aware of all the sounds, sights, and scents associated with their/your home.  We all know that they love their special bed or couch, toys, and food.  They are highly conscious of anything that changes around them, and are very protective of their home and family.

When you uproot your pet and place them either into a camper, motor home, or tent everything changes.  They experience new sights, sounds, and scents.  Their cozy environment suddenly has changed and your pet can experience lots of emotional changes including anxiety as well as a flight or fight mentality.

Here at Holly Shores we have experienced lots of challenges with mostly dogs in a strange place.  They have been brought to Holly Shores to stay in a rental, or a camping unit privately owned.  They feel out of place in a strange new world.  They smell the trees, woods, other campers and especially other dogs.

At Holly Shores we do not permit aggressive breeds of any kind; we do not discriminate against any particular breed.   We are very dog friendly at Holly Shores but it is important to be sure your dog is relaxed and happy while camping.  Posturing by your pet; or excessive barking can be very upsetting to other campers.  We would appreciate you keeping this in mind while camping here or at any other campground.

A wonderful product out on the market may help your dog with anxiety while on the trip.  It is called CBD oil, called Cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in the two versions of the cannabis sativa plant: hemp and marijuana.  CBD does not contain THC which causes euphoria and intoxicating effects.  Given to pets it has a relaxing effect that reduces nervousness and hyper-activity.  Check it out on line or at your favorite pet supply store.

To have a great time on camping holiday with your pets you may want to do the following:

  • Do bring a doggie bed that will remind your pet of home
  • Bring cages to put keep your pet secure and out of trouble when you are not watching them.
  • Make sure if you do go out that the dog doesn’t begin to bark. Pets get separation anxiety and barking is one way they express their fears.
  • Do leave water nearby for them to drink.
  • Always pick up after you pet. Holly Shores has pet stations around the campground for your convenience.
  • Take your pet for walks around the park and enjoy our large dog park at the rear of the campground. Please observe the posted rules.

I thoroughly enjoy bringing our pets when we go camping.  I cannot handle the thought of putting them in a kennel while we are away.  This is the number one reason most folks choose camping-they can bring their best friends along for the ride.





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