“Being Thankful”….by Dave

Hello to our valued campers!  We are now celebrating our last Halloween dedicated to the little elves and goblins and a “not too scary” Halloween.  It has been a fall season blessed with mostly good weather and finally the fire ban was lifted by the State.

Soon we will be heading toward putting the campground to rest for the season and looking forward to all the things we are thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.  Speaking of Thanksgiving I went to Paoli, Pa to visit one of our beloved campers, Jim Murray. This blog is dedicated to him and his family.

jim murray

Jim has been a camper at Holly Shores for many years.  He is married to a lovely lady, Nancy  and has one son, James Jr.  While camping at Holly Shores, James Jr. met another camper Ashley Cann.  Together they had a lovely child, Everly who is now 4 years of age and the pride of Jim and Nancy.  Jim told me the other day that when his son and Ashley get married they are going to have a big celebration here at Holly Shores.

Jim had a number of camping units here at Holly Shores including a motor home and then a beautiful Park Model on site S104.  He and the family totally enjoyed the site for his family and especially his dogs. Jim even installed a three season room with a doggie door so the dogs could roam freely on his deck.

Last year Jim decided to sell his Park Model in order to pursue his many hobbies including, fishing, and scuba diving.  Jim is an avid angler and a scuba instructor.  In order to pay for his avocations he had a construction business specializing in chimney repairs.

This brings us to my visit with Jim a few days ago.  While working on a job in Swathmore, Pa, the scaffold system on which he was working collapsed.  Jim always wore a security belt but had just taken it off as the job was complete and he was getting ready to dismantle the scaffold and go home for the weekend.  Jim went airborne and fell 41 feet head first in what would be catastrophic accident.  He hit every scaffold plank on the way down which, upon reflection, Jim said probably saved his life.  His son who works with Jim witnessed the entire accident and frantically called 911 while trying to remove the mass of metal covering his father’s body.

Jim was rushed to Crozier Hospital and remained unconscious for three days.  His body was badly broken including his spine, limbs, and internal injuries.  The doctors didn’t know if he would live through the night.  The doctors at Crozier put his body back together as best as possible.  At first Jim was totally paralyzed and on a ventilator.

Jim Murray is one of the most positive people you will ever meet.  He is also a fighter and proceeded to beat all odds.  As soon as he was able, he insisted on being moved to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Center in Paoli, Pa.  He has been there for two months and now has movement in his legs, some movement in his right arm and is able to scoot around the center in an electric wheel chair.

What is amazing, and you have heard this before, is what happened to Jim when it was hit or miss for three days.  He told me he saw a white light and moved toward it.  To his astonishment, he saw his parents and other deceased family members.  He was so happy to see and speak to his parents.  He wanted to know if he was in Heaven.  They replied, not yet Jim, it is not your time.

Jim will be leaving the rehab center around the first of November.  His aspirations now are to walk again which the doctors say may happen in the next 18 months.  Young Jim is getting the house handicap-ready so life will be as easy as possible for Jim when he returns home.  He just bought a 31 foot motor home which Nancy asked if they should sell it.  Jim replied, “absolutely not I intend to go back to Holly Shores and enjoy that new bus!”

Before leaving I asked Jim, “so what lesson should I take away from all of what happened to you?”  Dave, he said, “ enjoy your life to the fullest and don’t let anything hold you back.  You never know when life will change as it has for me.” “I have also learned that my son is much more capable then I ever realized and he has stepped to the plate to take care of everything the moment I fell.  Also, for any guys out there that believe they protect their wives by handling everything- make a change.  Teach them to be self sufficient in case something really goes wrong as has happened to me”.  Finally, there is something special for all of us when we die….I witnessed it and believe”.

From all of us at Holly Shores, Happy Halloween, A Blessed Thanksgiving and stay safe and be joyful.



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