A Perspective on Blessings

Holly Shores is going to have a new look this year.  We have decided to rid ourselves of the old store and offices and build a new two-story building.  To facilitate this move we had to relocate everything in our offices and establish temporary space in the Pavilion.  Rummaging through all my “stuff” in the office I ran across a poem I wrote a long time ago.   

It was written in the fall of 1997.  I was a sales trainer for a company located in Cleveland, Ohio and taking a flight for work.  When I arrived at the airport, I discovered that my flight was delayed for two hours.  There were other passengers delayed but one couple stood out from the crowd.

With the stress of COVID, and the sadness and disruption it has caused; I thought that this poem would be good to share.  I hope you will see it as a reminder of how good our lives really are, as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year.  However; after reading the poem to myself after all these years I decided that writing about my evening would be better than a not so good poem!!

I arrived at Philadelphia International for my business trip to Pittsburgh.  When I got to the gate I found out the flight was delayed due to heavy thunderstorms in the Pittsburgh area.  The attendant told me that the flight would be at least two hours late.  I took a deep breath having learned early on that life is full of delays and disappointments.  I decided to go for a cup of coffee.  When I went back to the gate I discovered that the flight unexpectedly took off!!  I had to move to another gate and wait two hours for the next flight at 9:30 to Pittsburgh!!

I walked to gate 17 to wait for the flight.  Frankly, I was very tired by this time.  When I neared the gate I heard the distinctive beep, beep, beep of an airport shuttle probably bringing some seniors to their flight. 

As the shuttle passed I could not help but notice a young man on the back holding a cane and a young woman in the front seat next to the driver.  When the shuttle stopped, the young man gingerly exited the cart holding a white cane in his hands-he was sightless. 

He carefully moved around the cart, stopped at the rear to remove a wheelchair.  He opened the wheelchair without any assistance and moved it alongside the young woman seated at the front.  He put his arms around and under her and lifted her gently and placed her into the wheelchair.  He moved back to the rear of the cart and took their luggage over his shoulders and pushed the woman to the gate.

I was stunned.  All the issues in our lives that we fret about and here is a sightless man and his disabled companion unchallenged by the obstacles of their conditions.  And to think all I had to think about was a two hour delay!!

Life is good!!  Life is great!!

Thank you God for all of our blessings!! -Dave


— One of the things we are most proud of is how we are able to share and care for our local community.  With the generosity of our seasonal and overnight campers in 2020, Holly Shores was able to donate just shy of 500 LBS of food to our local food bank!!  So yes, life is good.

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