A Moment to Reflect

Maggy and I have now had Holly Shores for 19 years.  We purchased the park in February of 1999.  During these almost 20 years we watched as children recently born grew up and now are adults. They are pursuing careers, getting married, and having children.  Unfortunately, we have witnessed the sad times as well.  Last year one of our dear campers from Ontario was here camping for two weeks.  He and his family had come for many years every summer.  He was a weight lifter and seemed in great shape.  His wife contacted us to say that her husband died from a heart attack shortly after returning home.  Yesterday I went to the funeral of a 25 year old marine.  We knew Anthony since he was a child.  He and his brother and their dad, Tony,  helped us raise money for the local hospital every Halloween by putting on a great skit all together.  We grieve with Tony and Mary and their entire family.

While at the funeral I sat next to a tall handsome young man. I turned and said, hello.  He said hello Mr. Robinson, don’t you know me?  At my age, I am lucky to remember my wife’s name!!  Anyway, I said no and he said I am Sean Dougherty!  Sean left the park when he was a teenager.  I would not have known that this mature 25 year old CPA was the same kid that enjoyed Holly Shores as a child.  So the world turns.

The campground is a reflection of how our world in general turns; births, celebrations, illness, aging, and dying.  This week one of our oldest seasonal campers who had to sell their camper a few years ago came back to stay in a cabin.  They are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary….Happy Anniversary to Toots and Howard Proposky!!! We hope they come back for their 75th!

Maggy and I truly believe that our campers are all an extension of our family.  We celebrate their happiness and grieve with them in their times of sorrow.  Sean Dougherty is getting married and when he does we will look forward to seeing him with his wife and children camping at Holly Shores.

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