5 Nighttime Camping Activities for the Family

You might plan a camping trip full of fun day time activities, but keep the fun going after the sun goes down! Here are some great nighttime camping activities your whole family can enjoy – and the best part is that they’re relatively quiet activities, so you won’t be disrupting neighboring campers while staying at Holly Shores!

Campfire Stories

Check your library for books with short stories that are perfect for reading or sharing around the campfire. Our family has several campfire story books that include stories of all kinds for people of all ages to enjoy.

Nighttime Camping Activities

Or, give storytelling prompts and a timer (2-3 minutes) to the family members sitting around the campfire. Prompts can include ideas like the following:

  • My most embarrassing moment
  • The bravest thing I ever did
  • My favorite childhood memory

At the end of the timer, the next person goes. A perk about going on a timed cycle is it can help improve your storytelling skills – since you’re less likely to stop for bunny trails along the way that detract from the story.


Quick, load the StarTracker app on your phone or device. It’s a free, interactive app that gives you a map of the night sky.

Nighttime Camping Activities

Point your phone’s camera at a star for quick identification help, and learn your way around the constellations and how they shift seasonally. The full version, which is just a few bucks, gives you full access to all the resources the app provides.

S’mores and Singalongs

Don’t overlook a good s’mores night with all the fixin’s…and if someone in your family plays the guitar, don’t leave it behind! A quick internet search for campfire singalong songs will give you several classics to enjoy or teach your kids and grandkids.

Nighttime Camping Activities

Nighttime or Sunset Beach Walk

One of my favorite memories from childhood is nighttime beach walks with my parents and siblings.

Nighttime Camping Activities

There’s nothing that beats the sound of the waves rolling in at night while the sun sets or the moonbeams pouring down across the ocean. It’s a great way to relax at the end of the day and enjoy the benefits of fresh air before you bunk down for the night.

Sundown Games

This tends to be better for older teens and young adults, because let’s face it, there are always going to be a few safety and tripping hazards when playing in the dark. But whether you’re playing hide & seek, flashlight tag, Capture the Flag, or even a silly prank round of “snipe hunting,” you can use a few safety tools to make sure everyone has fun. Use glow stick necklaces, headlamps, or even the buddy system to pair up in the dark. And make sure to check with the campground for their noise and safety ordinances to stay respectful and courteous to others.

Nighttime Camping Activities

We hope you’ve been enjoying a full and fun summer of camping, and we hope you stay with us at Holly Shores soon. We’re the perfect family resort for enjoying camping trips and reunions with your family, from sun up until long after the sun goes down. Contact us to make your reservation today!

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