4 Ways Camping Can Change Your Life

Come stay at Holly Shores Camping Resort and discover what camping families around the nation have discovered: camping can really change your life! Ready to find out how? Read on!

Camping Helps You Appreciate Where You Live

A recent survey conducted to learn about Americans and their traveling habits found out that 11% of survey respondents have never traveled outside of their home state. And more than half of those surveyed have visited 10 or fewer states.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Whether you take a day trip through New Jersey exploring its gorgeous scenic byways, or plan a stay with us, a home state camping trip can open your eyes to all this beautiful state has to offer!

Camping Connects You With the Things That Count

Disconnect from the demands of every day life, the stress of your job, and let yourself connect with your loved ones, the great outdoors, and a slower paced day. You might be surprised at the depth of conversations you can have with your kids when you eliminate the distractions, and how your relationship can be strengthened with your family members when you take out everything vying for your attention. Try simplicity for yourself – we bet you’ll be hooked! Want even more connection? Try this pack of conversation starters for when you’ve settled around the campfire.

Camping Benefits

Camping Helps You Develop Self Reliance

We live in a world where everything can be prepackaged and handed to us – but if you’ve ever experienced a natural disaster, you know how quickly modern conveniences can fail us. Camping can cultivate your skill sets in self reliance.

First Time Campers

Even if you never have to use these skills in an emergency, at least you know what you’re capable of! Besides, there’s something pretty satisfying about getting a good campfire started on your own, or the teamwork required to put up a multi person tent.

Camping Provides Safe and Healthy Vacations

Fresh air is good for you. And so is being outside in general. But when you go camping, you’re able to escape being cooped up indoors, and the anxiety associated with it from the pandemic. Another perk is safe eating for families with food sensitivities or allergies. There’s never any guarantee that restaurants will have safe menu options for anyone in your family with allergies – but with camping, you know exactly what’s in your meals because you’re making it yourself. One great piece of camping gear to have is this camp stove. Keep coffee hot or fry up some flapjacks – this multi-use stove is perfect for just about anything!

Camping Benefits

Camping is full of life changing benefits. Of course, you shouldn’t take our word for it. Why not contact us to make a reservation at Holly Shores and see for yourself? You’ll probably even discover some new ways that camping can change your life!

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