4 Reasons to Plan Your Camping Trip in Advance

Want to step up your camping game? You may enjoy a spontaneous weekend adventure, but one way to take your camping trip from “good” to “great!” is to give it the preparation and planning it deserves. Here are some tips on how and why to plan your camping trip in advance.

Plan for the Weather

Different seasons throughout the year will dramatically change your camping experience! Spring and fall typically offer more mild camping conditions during the daytime, but you can count on chillier nights and often more rain. Summertime in Cape May typically gives you warm, sunny days and mild nights.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

The benefits of camping in the summer may include a more consistent forecast but more crowded events and activities. If you’re camping in the spring or fall, you can enjoy decreased tourist traffic if you’re willing to risk a bit more unpredictability in the weather.

Location, Location, Location

Great campgrounds earn their reputation, and campers who stay there often return. This will result in campgrounds filling up well in advance. Making your camping trip plans ahead of time gives you a better chance of staying where you want – or even picking the exact campsite you like!

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Supply Checklist

When you plan your camping trip in advance it means you won’t have to necessarily pack all of your gear or camping supplies! For example, you’ll probably want to pack that mosquito net tent for summer trips, but you can leave it at home during the fall. If you’re heading out during the summer, you can plan on leaving your cool weather layers behind (or at least not pack as many of them). You may also pack along many of the same items in a lightweight form, such as hammocks, sleeping bags, and jackets.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Freedom & Flexibility

Finally, a bit of advance planning can actually open the door to more freedom and spontaneity during your camping trip. Many local activities sell limited admission or require advance reservations or equipment rentals. “Winging it” may sound fine and fun, but it’s not very fun when you hope to enjoy fun activities on the fly that require booking in advance. Then you’re stuck without anything to do. Check out local attractions and events and purchase advance admission wherever you can. That frees you up to be spontaneous with the rest of your time in the day!

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We’d love to help you square away your camping reservations for later this year, so contact us today and get your name on the books!

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