3 Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Spending time outside is good for your health! Being out in nature is good for your body, mind, and soul. One way you can start spending more time outside is by setting goals. This article suggests following the 20-5-3 rule, and it’s a great place to start if you’re ready to step up your outdoor game and spend more time outside!

Spend More Time Outside

20 Minutes

Set a goal to spend at least 20 minutes outside in nature – three times a week. Studies have shown that even short, 20 minute walks can help boost your memory function, as well as just improve your overall mood. Keep in mind this needs to be 20 minutes phone and device free or you’ll rob yourself of the benefits. And other great perk? Being outside 20 minutes at a time, three times a week, also has a fantastic effect on helping reduce cortisol levels.

Spend More Time Outside


5 Hours

One great goal to set is a minimum of 5 hours every month in nature – and the wilder, the better. One study found that urban dwellers felt better when they routinely had this kind of time outside – and the longer they were outside, the happier they were. Who doesn’t want to feel happier?

Nature also surrounds you with countless details you might not specifically notice, but that your brain is taking in and relaxing to. Details like patterns in nature, sound rhythms, and an intense range of colors means your body is engaging with the five senses in ways you just don’t get from sitting in an office all day.

Spend More Time Outside

3 Days

Taking a 3 day camping trip at least once a year is a treat you and your family will enjoy the benefits of for years to come. Spending extended time outside allows your body to detox from its usual intake of fluorescent lights, a constant barrage of screens, and the rushed feeling that everyday life tends to throw in your face.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

If you’re wanting to really reap the benefits of being outside more, what are you waiting for? Set your 20-5-3 goals today and contact us. We can help by getting you set up with a camping reservation so you can your family can enjoy the health benefits of being outside!

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